This collection of instruments is a concrete database for the real assessment. It is divided per subject and in levels. There is also a connection with related competences.

The open assessment Platform is a tool to enable a real assessment and is dedicated to teachers.

Accredited Teachers will have a well designed testing tool, wich offer both formative and summative assessment possibilities.

The teacher can create:

1. Real time assessment to perform testing during a lesson,

2 Summative testing tools, like multimedia and multimodal questioning, open text fields, case study analyse.

3. Formative testing with web quest, homework based on Project Based Learning principles, Wiki writing, Glossary writing, Text comphrension.

The OPEN CEFR English assessment platform is a certificative competence assessment tools collection.

OpCefr offer standardised high quality test items, which are created with the european commission indications in mind, to harmonize Europe wide the certification of competences in English.