A brief introduction about the Humana mission and some indroductive pages to understand the 4.0 educational reform

This is an extract of my personal talk at university of Milan Bicocca about the education 3.0 paradigm

Once upon a time the education 4.0 paradigm was start and this module is the first robotised fully functional product. Supported by enthusiastic students and by a high level school environment, it offer a real first approach to the robot assisted/driven lesson. This circuit is in german with a CLIL flawour, so no complex or idiomatic language, a high level Global communication.

Wilkommen bei Peter und der Wolf, ein Modul um die Instrumente des klassischen Orchester zu erleben.

This demonstrative circuit for the ISCED Level 1 offer a full adaptive circuit.

Hanami is the word used in Japan to define the magic moment of observing the Nature when blossoming.

This module offer an emotional path wich let the student try the deep feeling promoted by the Hanami, an act full of humanity and feelings.