If you are a teacher or an enthusiastic parent or just an interested in technologies for education this is the right place for you.

The challenge to be a new type of teacher is great. To promote the culture of changing in the teaching paradigm we are offering many free courses, with a multimodal social performative approach, and a real application of our statements.

Learn to assess proccesses, assess what your students really knows, create real assessment tests both fomative and summative.

You will learn how to create and design effective assessments and you'll biginn directly with practical example wich can used in real time with your students.

The course give you access to the Open Assessment Platform, wich is designed to offer a collection of premaded assessment objects to help in improving the assessment process.

Learn to be the best actor on your teaching environment.

The learning path will guide you in the aquiring of basic competences in active teaching, teaching by doing and on the concept of teaching screen-play.

Know yourself and the other in an immersive learningpath in perfect 3.0 style: social performative

The psychosomatic course pathway offer a complete training for body and mind, based on  dedogmatised analysis of diverses aproaches PB is a summative and qualityfull offer to improve supertasking abilities in young people and in adults.

Trought a scientific and constructivist approach psychosomatic balance is a perfect way to motivate and reach the desired goals: better body, better mind, better use of both mind and body in individual and collective context.